"I love to work to improve people’s lives by building and maintaining their homes or work sites. It is extremely rewarding to see the customer's satisfaction when their project is completed. That is what motivates me the most to do what I do." ~ Valdeir Leal (Owner)

We build, maintain and remodel all types of work sites. Residential or commercial, we handle it all!
With experienced renovation professionals, we can help you provide a new look for your home!
Floor Installation
Need a new floor? Leave the hard work to us and we'll install your flooring in a blink of an eye!
Finish Work
We provide fresh designs for your interior space through our handy finish work!

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Our Services

With our new free estimates policy, you can receive a visit from us with $0 cost. We will help you figure out the solution for your needs and give you an affordable price based on the work that has to be done.

This is all with no commitment, and you are free to call us back once you are ready for the changes!
With our wide range selection of services, we are ready to offer you a complete solution for building your home from ground up.

Our top-notch flooring, painting and carpentry professionals are ready to serve and help you achieve the house of your dreams!
Here at Boston Tile Specialist, we treat your house as if it was ours. We understand the importance of a home, and how special the place we live with our family is.

Having us to complete your project is a synonym of peace of mind. We will deliver the tasks completed in a blink of an eye, and leave the place clean and ready for the daily use!
Please get in touch with us right away and let us know what you'd want to do. Is it time for a new room? We're all ears! We'll put your ideas on paper and begin the process of turning them into reality.
Boston Tile Specialist WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

We are certain we have the right professionals to get your project done. Get in contact with us now!

  • High quality work
  • Professionalism and proficiency
  • Customer relationship and communication
  • Alignment with schedule and project deliverance on a timely manner

Why Choose us

Here are listed some of our core beliefs, which makes us who we are and help us to build lifetime relationships with our customers.


Here at Boston Tile Specialist, we promote high quality work as being one of the most important factor in our projects.


As technology evolves, we always keep ourselves up to date, with the purchasing of top-notch tools and further employee training.


With structured procedures for handling projects, we are able to deliver prompt and effective work, without wasting time.


Work safety is one of the things we prioritize in order to protect our team, our customers and their assets.


We do the job right. Simple as that. We are transparent and communicative. You can trust our team to help you in your next project!


In case something goes wrong, we are fully insured. We will cover any accidents that may occur and you will never be left helpless!


Latest Projects

Still not convinced we are the right contractor for you? Then, take a look at some of our latest projects. I assure you we have the quality you want in your home or commercial site.