About Us

Boston Tile Specialist

Our mission is to provide our customers the best possible service and craftsmanship. We treat your home or company with the same care and attention as if it were our own.

Boston Tile Specialist officially started in 2018. The founder, Valdeir Vaz Leal, decided to build it after working for over 14 years in the field.

He worked from 2005 - 2017 in the state of Florida. This was the period when he mastered his craft as he had the opportunity of building several projects, giving him top-notch experience.

His passion for construction became evident as he was able to deliver several high quality projects while making lifetime relationships with his customers.

He realized he would be able to help more people by having his own crew to work on his projects, which lead to the establishment of this business.

That was the beginning of our company. Nowadays we can proudly say we've helped over 415 clients, completed over 1452 projects and hired over 20 employees.

Boston Tile Specialist



Our beliefs

For us, it is extremely important to remember of our core beliefs. These are a set of ideas that guide and structure our way of working, providing us high standard level of customer relationship and craft performance

Here at Boston Tile Specialist, we believe quality work is the main factor that distinguishes our company from the competition.

It became clear over the years the importance of leaving a job site with the assurance of perfection in every single detail.

We strive to achieve perfection and delivering our projects exactly how it was dreamt by our customers.

That said, these are some of the things that makes us who we are:
  • High quality work;
  • Alignment with schedule and project deliverance on a timely manner;
  • Customer relationship and communication;
  • Professionalism and proficiency.
One of the benefits of hiring Boston Tile Specialist is the peace of mind of having the right professionals working by your side.

We have several customers who testified of the quality of our work, and you can also trust us to take on your next project.

Contact us now for a free estimate and we will be happy to assist you!